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    How to install bathroom partitions

    Luxury Bathroom & Wetrooms London / December 12, 2021

    Installing bathroom partitions can be tricky. You probably need a bathroom fitting expert to handle such a process, but if you need to try yourself here are some instructions you can use to install partitions yourself.

    If you use an expert for such a process they will bring also the material and the hardware needed to make a complete installation, but in case you are determined to do it yourself, you need to order the necessary equipment and materials.

    Step 1: Get the material for partition installation inside the bathroom

    Get the material inside the bathroom and also all size pieces that we will need for the partition installation. During this step is important to have tools like a pencil and a long level in order to make the exact measurement that you will need during the installation of the partition in your bathroom. To do this drawings can be located within each order and make the necessary marks on the walls and floors where the pieces of the partition will be installed. Using a pencil is a smart thing to do so you can easily erase marks that you have drawn by mistake.

    Step 2: Installing wall and floor brackets

    Brackets have to be installed in the correct way, take a look at the video below and you will have a better understanding of how to do that. After the brackets are installed in the bathroom, you are ready to install and start setting materials in place.

    Step 3: Setting material in place for the partition installation

    Setting up the material in place you use your level to set the materials in the correct way. You do this by attaching the pilasters to your panels with the correct hardware you already have obtained. After securing and leveling the pilasters that you have ordered you can start installing your doors and other hardware.

    Step 4: Installing your headrail

    You need to make the necessary measurement and cut the headrail to be sure the headrail will be a good fit for your project.

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    Video on how to install bathroom partitions :


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