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    How long does it take to fit a bathroom in London?

    Luxury Bathroom & Wetrooms London / December 15, 2021

    Getting a new bathroom can be a very exciting project but you might be wondering how long it will take. The process of fitting a bathroom is not as straightforward as it may seem. You need to choose a design that suits your taste and needs, but you also need to consider practicality. The best way to figure out how long it will take is to plan ahead. If you don’t want to be inconvenienced while the process is underway, make sure to estimate the number of days it will take to complete the job.


    The bathroom fitting process has a lot of steps

    The installation of the entire bathroom will take a day. Two or three experts will install all of the new fixtures in a single day. Other trades, such as electrical and HVAC, will take more than one day. If you hire the same contractors for each trade, the work will probably take between two and three weeks. Depending on the style of the new bathroom, it could take as little as one day or as long as a full week.

    Once the plumbers are done, they can start assembling the new fixtures. If your bathroom is being renovated with a new bathroom, then the demolition process can take just one day or more. Depending on the complexity of your new bathroom, it could take up to two weeks for an entire bathroom renovation. This time frame is based on the type of bathroom and the type of trades involved. A standard shower door will be easier to install than a premium glass shower door.

    New Fixtures and Plumbing

    If you’re planning to install new fixtures, then it’s important to keep in mind that the new work will require new electrical and plumbing issues. In some cases, you’ll need to have the existing bathroom demolished, which could take up to two days. However, if you’re planning a bathroom installation with a specialist, it can take up to three days. You’ll need to plan accordingly for the subtrades’ schedules.


    Shower Door Installation

    A bathroom remodel can take a day or more. If all of the fixtures are installed, the process can take a full day for two or three people. If the installation is done by a professional, the entire job can be completed in one day. A standard shower door is much easier to install than a premium glass door. If you’re hiring a specialist, keep in mind that the job can take up to 3 days.



    The initial stage of a bathroom fit-out involves laying a concrete screed. The screed provides a level, smooth floor. Its thickness allows it to accommodate normal variations in base level. The process can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, and it can take two or three days to complete a bathroom. When the floor is ready, the plumbing and electrical work can be performed. A skilled professional will also install new toilets and showers.

    Getting the proper materials is important when fitting a bathroom. Firstly, the floor must be level. Then, the floor must be made level. The screed needs to be applied to the wall and the floor. It is usually applied over a few days, though the screed can take up to 2 days. The rest of the bathroom is a matter of communication. When you hire a professional, it will assign you a project manager who will help you throughout the entire process.



    The process of fitting a bathroom requires a significant amount of demolition, which is a necessary part of the project. This can include knocking down walls and windows and replacing asbestos. Regardless, of the size and location of your bathroom, a complete remodel takes a day or two. When you choose a professional, the entire process will last for a few days. In addition to demolition, the fitting process can also take place inside the room.


    So how long does it take to fit a bathroom?

    When you hire a professional bathroom fitter, it is best to allow for at least a couple of weeks for the entire project. This is because the work of removing the old bathroom will take one day, and the new bathroom will take a few weeks to complete. The work will include removing the old tiles and bringing the floorboards back to the brickwork. The new doors will be installed on the second day.

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