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    Bathroom fitters Wimbledon, Bathroom installation which is designed and customized according to your specifications, and budget. Luxurious or affordable to meet any budget of our customers. Finding a competent plumber for your bathroom in Wimbledon isn’t an easy thing to do. KBB Master Builder Ltd. KBB Master Builder Ltd we offer top quality services using only the finest materials to build your dream bathroom. 


    High Quality and For any budget bathroom installation Wimbledon

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    Expert bathroom installers in Wimbledon

    Bathrooms make up a substantial part of our work. We are experts in the field of bathrooms. We’ve created stunning bathrooms Wimbledon offers. Our skilled team of Bathroom fitters Wimbledon is busy throughout the year to create stunning bathrooms that are affordable for all of our customers.

    At KBB Master Builders Ltd we are experts in bathrooms of every kind and specifications. We design and construct bathrooms for elderly and for the disabled people, bathrooms that have wet-room, and en-suite. We also offer additional services like installing lighting for bathrooms and tiling, and creating amazing false ceilings that make ideal bathrooms.

    Bathroom Renovation in Wimbledon

    Even though we pride ourselves for the services we provide, you’ll be paying a reasonable price. We consider it essential that we make sure our clients are happy and that’s why we employ a careful budget-friendly plan. The most you can expect is a complete overhaul in your bathroom. For cost-effective results, you need to choose a skilled and knowledgeable team that can finish the job within the timeframe you require and at a cost that is lower. This is why we’re the solution you’ve been searching for. We’re able complete the entire renovation since we have the resources required to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the style and the amenities the bathroom could accomplish. Contact us now for more information about the process, as well as to get an estimate for absolutely free. Get in touch with KBB Master Builder Ltd now!

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    Wimbledon Bathroom fitting services

    • Levelling & Straightening Floor & Walls

    • Levelling Ceiling

    • Liquid MAPEI Membranes & SCHLÖTER Membranes

    • Water Tanking & Waterproofing

    • Electric 1st & 2nd Fix

    • Underfloor Heating Wet & Electric

    • Plumbing 1st & 2nd Fix

    • Tiling & Sealing

    • Painting & Decorating

    All Bathroom Installation services In Wimbledon you need!

    If you call us, we’ll give you top service regardless of whether you’re changing your bathtub or shower. It could be that you have a broken shower, or one that’s not quite as efficient as it was prior to. Perhaps your bathroom isn’t as welcoming as it used to. 
    This is why you should hire our professionals to put in your bathroom in Wimbledon and fix any issues that result due to this. We’re ready to tackle any problem you might confront within your bathroom. They are also adept at resolving every issue, and more importantly, they’re adept at creating an appealing and contemporary style. What separates us from other companies is the quality of work we do. 
    We are the only company should be contacted for the most efficient solutions that comprise the entire bathroom installation which involves skimming floor, tilling, painting , aqua panels, heating the underfloor and more. Contact us now! KBB Master Builder Ltd – Bathroom Fitters Wimbledon !

    bathroom fitters Wimbledon

    certifications and memberships

    We’re proud to be member of the largest organisations within the UK which is why we’re determined earn your trust. We aim to make your bathroom renovation easier by offering practical and efficient solutions to help you attain the look and quality you want and also a cost-effective and stylish bathroom!

    Stunning Bathrooms & Wet-Rooms Installation made with the best materials available. Connect with the specialists of Bathroom installation in Wimbledon on

    Why us as your bathroom Fitter in Wimbledon?


    We’ll offer the most stunning and modern bathroom designs, as and the most up-to-date fixtures to ensure that you will get the most extravagant and affordable bathroom design Wimbledon can provide at an amount you can to pay for.


    Whatever the size or budget, each bathroom is given the same respect and attention which it deserves from beginning until the very final moment. We understand that every bathroom is extremely important to our customers. We always take extra steps to design and build a bathroom that you’ll be proud of.


    We have fitted hundreds of bathrooms in the course of our 17 (17) years of expertise as the most knowledgeable bathroom fitting specialists Wimbledon have to offer. Our business has been able to get numerous positive feedback from customers who trusted our company and have suggested us to their family and friends, family members, friends and family members. Read the testimonials on the bottom of this page.


    Locally owned and managed locally, the local bathroom fitting company Wimbledon is the most suitable choice since it is guaranteed to satisfy your requirements, and we guarantee that you’ll receive original Wimbledon bathroom fittings and our most trusted local assistance for bathroom fittings by skilled tradesmen.


    Our 100% satisfaction guarantee for each bathroom fixture we install. promise that our bathroom fixtures that you buy can last for an extended time , without issues. Did we say that we’ve got many years of plumbing experience? Don’t be concerned about it.


    Contact us to make an appointment to schedule an appointment to discuss bathroom installation. walk-in showers, toilets..

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    Wimbledon is an area and town in the south of London, England, 7.0 miles (11.3 km) southwest of the central part of London at Charing Cross; it is the principal commercial hub within Wimbledon in the London Borough of Merton. Wimbledon was home to 68,187 in 2011 , which comprises the electoral Wards that include Abbey, Dundonald, Hillside, Trinity, Village, Raynes Park and Wimbledon Park.

    It hosts Wimbledon Championships and New Wimbledon Theatre. Wimbledon Championships and New Wimbledon Theatre It also contains Wimbledon Common, one of the largest commons in London. The retail and residential area is divided into two areas called”the “village” and the “town” and high streets being part of the “village”, with the High Street being the rebuilding of the medieval village and”the “town” having first developed gradually following the construction of the railway station in 1838.

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